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As a specialist in the area of well Completions and customized and standard Liner Hanger Systems, German Oil Tools offers a wide range of services for challenging drilling projects. Customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East benefit from our years of experience in the oil and natural gas production industry as well as in geothermal energy and from our extensive technical knowledge.

The mission of German Oil Tools is to develop innovative solutions for customers, to guarantee an efficient service for our products and to ensure smooth order processing including demand-driven supply. In order to meet these requirements German Oil Tools is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and SCC*:2011.

PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System

The PBL Bypass System has provided a simple and reliable solution to various drilling problems, including lost circulation and limited circulating rates for effective hole cleaning operations for over 20 years. The tool has proven to be a financially beneficial incentive for operators, by substantially reducing down time and circulation hours. The PBL Bypass System has proven significantly effective to operators in some of the most extreme onshore and offshore drilling environments around the world.

The tool is a component of the bottom hole assembly and is located above the MWD and LWD tools. It is hydraulically activated (ball activated) and simple enough to be operated by rig personnel directly and does not necessitate DSI personnel on-site.

A special safety feature of the tool is, that whenever pumps are turned off, the sleeve shifts to the closed position and isolates the ports, which eliminates the u-tube effect and assures full well integrity.

The company continues to innovate and advance its patented PBL system as well as introduce new tools utilizing technology to address a variety of other drilling applications.

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