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Job description

Rig Site Technician

For Drilchem products Fracseal & Stoploss

Job overview

The Rig Site Technician will be working on rig sites and be responsible for product application and monitoring of Drilchem products Fracseal and Stoploss, as well as for the stock management and daily reporting. The rig site technician will make recommendations for mud treatment, plan and supervise the mixing of products, run pilot tests, and monitor the application of products by among other methods using the fluid invasion test kit.

The Rig Site Technician will report on a daily basis to the drilling supervisor and Dosco’s office based Drilchem products Europe supervisor and other technical personnel as agreed with Dosco. The reports will contain detailed information on daily treatments, consumption and stock management. The reports will also contain relevant information about other drilling incidents and details particularly regarding formation stability and drilling fluid losses. Detailed information about usage of other lost circulation and formation stabilization products working together with the Drilchem products are also expected.

The rig site technician will cooperate effectively with the mud engineer on treatment plans and ensure that all requisite Drilchem procedures for product mixing and application are adhered to in all situations where necessary.

In order to perform these duties, the rig site technician will attend daily meetings, communicate effectively and concisely, and have an advanced technical understanding of drilling fluids and drilling operations in general.

Responsibilities and duties

  • Carry out stock management and report costs on a daily basis.
  • Plan treatments, conduct pilot testing, and make technical recommendations for product application in cooperation with Appointed Drilchem specialists and the Drilling Fluids Engineer.
  • Make rig-specific procedures for the mixing and application of Drilchem products Stoploss and Fracseal. Ensure procedures are followed.
  • Monitor product application and be fully trained in the use of the fluid invasion test kit, including the recording and analysis of test data using Excel for the optimizing of product application.
  • Carry out daily inspections of product at rig site for quality control purposes and report any and all findings daily. Keep accurate and up to date inventory and product usage tracking to ensure sufficient stock on rig site at all times.
  • Applications

    Please send your cv and motivation to: careers@dosco.ro