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Downhole Tools

Dosco is delivering perfected high-performance downhole tools for drilling, torque reduction and drag resistance improvement. Operators throughout the world rely on these special tools to improve the efficiency and lower the total cost of drilling and production programs.

Downhole tools are the most important part of the drill string and they are all available at Dosco in a wide variety and sizes, as following:

Downhole motors are engineered and designed for durability and consistency as they provide additional power to the drill bit. They offer different rotor and stator configurations to provide optimum performance while drilling and they have the capacity to drill large-sized holes used by larger rigs.

Our Mud Motors are proven to operate in extreme drilling conditions. They increase the rate of penetration and can therefore reduce drilling times.

- Starting from 3 1/8” up to 9 5/8”

Stabilizers are all spiral, integral blade which permit increased weight on the bit without the deviation problems associated with high weight on bit. The result is an increased rate of penetration and reduction of drill collar friction and torsional fatigue.

- Types of stabilizers are: String Stabilizers (SST) or Near Bit Stabilizers (NBST).

- All standard sizes from 5 1/2” to 26”

Shock tools are used to reduce bit bounce and increases rate of penetration and bit life under the toughest drilling conditions. Shock Subs are designed for a wide range of drilling environments and extreme conditions. Shock Subs improve the life and durability of your drill string assembly, improving online efficiency and operating costs.

The Shock Tools are designed for easy assembly and easy service. They can be combined into drill strings with other downhole tools quickly, and can be detached, reducing service time and costs.The Shock Tools are mainly recommended to be used when drilling with roller cones rock bits in hard formations and especially for the surface section where these axial vibrations can be transmitted up to the surface with destructive impact on the surface equipment, especially on the top drive.

- Starting from 4 3/4” up to 12”

Drilling Jars remain one of the most versatile, reliable and safe assembly systems in the oilfield industry. They are designed for a wide range of drilling applications to meet the demands of high-temperature, extreme and extended use during drilling procedures. They have a longer stroke length, which increases the oil flow in the top of the tool, creating greater jarring impact without additional pulling on the drill string. Pressure compensation ensures pull accuracy, zero pressure differential and increased seal life.

Accelerators used in conjunction with the Hydraulic or Hydro-Mechanical Drilling Jar combines the advantages of up-or-down or up-and-down motion with hydraulic fluid for maximum jarring impact. This harder-hitting advantage provides as much as two times the impact provided by competitors’ tools. When used in conjunction with the Hydraulic Drilling Jar the Accelerator replaces or supplements pipe stretch.

- Starting from 4 3/4” up to 9 1/2”

- Hydromechnical and Dual-hydraulic accelerators available

Traditionally, drilling, conditioning and reaming were separate phases of a drilling project. The slide reamers we offer integrates these phases seamlessly. The cutting structure on the slide reamer is designed to maintain 360 degrees contact. Cutters rotate independently throughout the movement, reducing rotary torque and drag by up to 20% (when compared to running a drill string without a slide reamer).

Slide reamers can be attached to the drill string for multiple drilling applications. Our Slide Reamers are used for vertical, directional and horizontal holes eliminating drift or deviation in well bore applications.

- Starting from 5 7/8” up to 17 1/2”

The AST is the latest and most innovative invention in regards to optimized drilling performance. Less of an absorber and more of an active traction control system. The AST is placed right above the drilling bit and controls all weight and torque sent to the bit from surface and actively takes over all parameters peaks by continuously maintaining them at optimized rates preventing stalling and accumulation of excess torsional energy in the string.

The AST can be placed also above the MWD or non magnetic portion of the BHA and is recommended to be used with PDC based reamers. The tool is effectively reducing vibrations and provides a longer bit life while increasing the ROP bringing indisputable value to the drilling operation.

- 8 1/4”, 6 3/4” and 4 3/4”

PBL Tools - Multiple Activation Autolock Bypass Systems is a simple, reliable tool enabling increased BHA circulating rates and TFA (Total Flow Area) when required. The PBL Multiple Activation Bypass System was primarily developed to enable the pumping of aggressive LCM pills and increase circulating rates during drilling operations. Additionally, the PBL Bypass System has proven to be beneficial in completion and workover applications, proving most effective when it is imperative to have a clean well bore.

- 4 3/4”, 6 1/2” – 6 3/4” and 8”

Bit subs with or without float valves (Float Subs) are making the connection between the drill bit and drill string. If required Dosco will also supply the float valves which ensure one way circulation for the drilling mud preventing its return when stop pumping.

- for any API connections and from API to HT Connections

- Between any API Connection and from API to HT Connections

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