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Tubular Handling Tools

Tubular Handling tools play a major part in any modern drilling operation. They are used for suspending, moving and rotating tubulars in and around the center on the drill floor. Handling your tubular can be a tricky business, Dosco makes sure you have equipment that is durable and makes handling it a walk in the park.

Although the majority of these tools are used to dynamically suspend and move tubulars in a vertical direction, some tools such as the single joint elevator, serve a wider array of function by moving tubulars from and to vertical position.

Handling tools such as tongs, spinners and torque wrenches are used in make-up and break-out applications. Finally, handling tools are often used in rotary functions. The manual tongs, drill pipe slips, casing slips, drill collar slips and elevators are designed and manufactured to API 7K and API 8C standard, with strict quality control and inspection before delivery.

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