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Oil & Gas Services

Quality equipment needs to remain in good shape. Our services, repairs and testing ensures you can use equipment longer and save money in the long run.

Dosco can provide quality and prompt services so you can keep your focus on the drilling. Our workshop in Floresti is fully equipped to deliver fast, safe and dependable maintenance of your products.
Make & Break Services

Make & Break Services

The Torquemaster Griffith is a hydraulically driven breakout machine with the ability to service the rotary- shouldered connections on tubular components such as oil and gas well drilling tools and similar equipment ranging in size from 2 ¾” to 14” in diameter and torque capacity 5,000 to 150,000 lb-ft.

The machine consists of a bed complete with a fixed headstock chuck, a moveable tailstock chuck that applies the torque, a hydraulic spinner, and a hydraulic console unit with digital torque logger.

Redressing & Repair

Redressing & Repair

Our specialized redress and repair services include:
- Dressing of tungsten carbide hard facing
- Dressing of all types of mills
- Welding and grinding services on drilling tools
- Repair and redress of stabilizers
- Repair and service of downhole motors, shock and impact tools
- Repair and service of handling and fishing tools

Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

Our workshop has a special area organized for pressure testsing in conformity with highest standards. We have the capacity to make pressure tests for oilfield equipment used in Workover and Drilling activity.

The Pressure Test Unit is working from the lowest pressure to 15.000 PSI high pressure.

All tests are certified through diagram recorded digitally on computer.

Inspection of Equipment

Inspection of Equipment

Types of inspection:
- Visual and thread gauging
- Marking and dimensional check
- Shoulder refacing (if needed)
- Full body visual includes external and internal surface examination
- Magnetic particle
- Liquid dye penetrant
- Blade gauging of stabilizers
- MPI on critical area or full body
- Re-inspection of all repaired connections rejected​


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